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CD/DVD Printers

PrintPro Duo Dual Autoprinter


The autoprinter for up to 2 printers,
of the same or different design.
Combine InkJet and Thermoprint
in one device. 

TEAC P55 CD Printer


TEAC P55 Disk Printing-Robot, the perfect CD/DVD image monochrome and
color-printer adapted from the Thermo-Re-Transfer printing technology MicroDry.

Exclesior CD / DVD Printer with autoloader


All our listed Disc-Printers
are available with autoloader or in connection
with fully automatic CD/DVD-print- and copyrobots.

Inkjet CD Jet Autoprinter


A small destop autoprinter which comes
with an integrated autoloader with 50 or 100 disc capacity. 

PowerPro III CD/DVD-Printer


With the Thermal-Transfer printer you can print CDs/DVDs as easy as paper!
The included software allows the easy creation and editing of labels with professional design. Standard graphics software can also be used for control.

CD/DVD-Printer Inscripta

The Inscripta Thermotransfer CD-printer is ideal for printing CD-RWs, DVD-Rs and DVD-RAMs at high speed.

CD / DVD Disc Printer Excelsior

The new ADR EXCELSIOR disc printer brings professional print quality to the industrial, high-volume user. Utilising the very latest in Hewlett-Packard inkjet technology, the Excelsior disc printer delivers an impressive 4800dpi print resolution and superior print speeds.

CD/DVD-Printer HP ExcellentPro

The Excellent CD-printer was developed in cooperation with HP and is ideal for printing CD-RWs, DVD-Rs and DVD-RAMs with ink-jet at a high speed.

Signature Z6 CD/DVD-Printer


4800 dpi print resolution 
6 Color photomode for unbelievable photorealistic CD/DVD print 
Large color-cartridges at a low price per CD/DVD non-stop printing